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"شاہنامۂ حسین"کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ: An Analytical Study of “Shahnama Husayn”


  Gulzar Ahmed Nadim Sabri belonged to Tehsil Khanpur, Distt. Rahim Yar Khan. "Shahnama-e-Hussain" is his considerable masterpiece. "Shahnama-e- Hussain" has great importance in Urdu literature, deferentially with historiography and outpouring. We find evidence of deep integrity, enthusiastic affection, and immeasurable attachment in the eulogies of "Shuhada-E-Karbala" and "Ahl-E-Bait". The lessons of declaration of authenticity, regard for rights, ultimatum, fulfillment of promise, patience, firmness, self-respect, forgiveness, abstinence, and contentment are found in this book. Genteelism, Compositions, Rhetoric, and Imagery have been beautifully used in this book.


Gulzar Ahmed Nadam Sabri, Shahnama-e-Hussain, Urdu Literature, Shuhada-E-Karbala, Ahl-E-Bait, Rhetoric and Imagery


Author Biography

Dr. Amara Iqbal


Government Graduate College for Women Khan Pur

District Rahim Yar Khan

Dr. Muhammad Rafiqul Islam

Dr. Muhammad Rafiqul Islam is the Chairman/Associate Professor at the Department of Iqbal Studies, The Islamia University, Bahawalpur, Pakistan


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