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علومِ اسلامیہ كی تحقیق میں اورینٹل كالج میگزین كا كردار: Role of Oriental College Magazine in Islamic Studies Research


Oriental College, University of the Punjab was established in 1870 by Dr G.W Leitner. Oriental College has been of high quality in research and writing since its inception. Oriental College Magazine is a quarterly research publication of the Punjab University Oriental College, Lahore, and has been published since 1925. It is the oldest research journal in Pakistan's history. It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in the category of “Y” in Humanities & Languages Journals. The aim of publishing the magazine is to disperse the knowledge among the masses and to enlighten the students in the development of research. This research magazine was published in different languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, English Sanskrit, etc. But now it is published in Urdu language only now. All researchers included in this magazine are well-known personalities of Pakistan like Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan, Dr. Muhammad Akram Chauhdhri, Dr. Samar Fatima, Dr. Ghazal Kashmiri, etc. The first editor of this magazine was Mufti Muhammad Shafi and the current editor is Dr Moeen ud Din Nizami. A number of Islamic research articles are published in this magazine which are beneficial for all new researchers This article is about the Role of Oriental College Magazine in Islamic Studies Research.


Oriental College, , Punjab University, , Allama Shibli Nomani, , G.W. Leitner, , Allama Muhammad Iqbal



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