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An Analytical Study of the Socio-Economic Thoughts of Allama Muhammad Iqbal: A Historical Review


The research paper primarily deals with the socioeconomic thoughts of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Although he is recognized as one of the remarkable intellectuals of the Muslims in South Asia. Iqbal, as a poet, is considered the spokesman of the Muslim subcontinent. But the fact is that he was also an economist and his economic thinking and suggestions set a new direction for Muslims. The thinking of Allama Iqbal is still a stepping stone to the socio-economic development of the Muslim nation. According to Iqbal, the main reason for the poverty of Muslims is the economic system of India which cannot be a substitute for the economic system of Islam. This paper is an explanation of the economic condition of the Muslims of the subcontinent, the paper also interprets the problems and suggests solutions to Muslim socioeconomic issues. Therefore, this research article highlights Iqbal's economic thoughts.


Iqbal, Philosopher, Economist, Muslims, Ilam-ul-Iqtesad, Subcontinent etc.

PDF File of the Paper


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